We Rock.

Literally. We are known for our unusual rock formations. Our sandstone cliffs are what gave name to the Red River Gorge. The Gorge has a truly unique type of conglomerate sandstone that forms incredibly beautiful patterns and colors. The natural palette of the area makes it stand out, especially since the sandstone forms innumerable cliffs, natural arches, and boulders. This is why we have been designated a National Geologic Site by the U.S. Forest Service.



Our cliffs and gorges create world-class rock climbing and rappelling opportunities, many of which can be found in the Daniel Boone National Forest. But did you know that a local volunteer group preserves and maintains the Muir Valley Nature Preserve and Climbing Area, a tract of land dedicated to rock climbing, hiking, and enjoying nature.  If you are new to rock climbing, there are several outfitters who can provide the gear and take you to a breathtaking spot for your climb.

Rock climbing.

Arches & Waterfalls.

Wolfe County has over 184 known natural sandstone arches. There are many favorite hikes for seeing or even crossing these arches. Perhaps the most famous is Rock Bridge, and if you are looking for a short hike you might see Sky Bridge.  We are also home to more than 20 waterfalls which include Creation Falls, Calaboose Falls, and Turtleback Falls.



The Red River Gorge is a popular spot for paddle enthusiasts with over 40 miles of  river which is the state's sole waterway apart of the National Wild and Scenic Rivers System. Local livery Red River Adventure provide shuttle service and paddlecraft rentals within the boundaries of the gorge.



Like to get your tires dirty? You might be interested in Hollerwood, a 2,500-acre adventure off-road park. There is also the Daniel Boone backcountry byway, a series of non-maintained gravel roads for those who like to kick it into 4 wheel drive.



 We bet you didn’t know that the Clifty Wilderness Area is a designation Archaeological Zone and National Historic Landmark. The designation comes from the preservation of ancient artifacts within sandstone cliffs, including ancient foods and seeds. But many locals will tell you about more recent history, such as the legend of John Swift. Swift reportedly found silver in the area and enthusiasts have searched in vain for decades to find the lost treasure.